The Broder Singers

Amanda (Miryem-Khaye) Seigel received the 2011-2012 Joseph Kremen Memorial Fellowship at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research for her research project, “The Broder Singers: Forerunners of the Yiddish Theater”. The Broder singers were the first Yiddish performers to present music and drama in a secular setting, beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, in the wine cellars and inns of Galicia, Romania, and southern Russia. Miryem-Khaye conducted research in the YIVO library and archives, and presented lectures about the Broder singers’ history, repertoire, and style, and their relationship to Yiddish theater. An substantial scholarly article is scheduled to appear in a forthcoming volume of Polin. Listen to the English lecture, presented February 2, 2012.

Listen to the Yiddish lecture, presented February 24, 2012.

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