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טן וווּ עס נעכטיקן די שטערן
Dortn vu es nekhtikn di shtern
The Royter Kuter Theater at the Congress for Jewish Culture presents a special encore performance to mark the yortsayt of Abraham Sutzkever.

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All in-person performances

are currently cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Please join us online for:

International Yiddish Event

Live Online!

This Sunday 24 May 2020

11 AM Los Angeles

2 PM New York

8 PM Berlin

9 PM Tel Aviv

Sholem Aleichem from every continent!

When he passed away in 1916, Sholem Aleichem, the most beloved Yiddish writer of all time, requested in his will that his family and friends mark his yortsayt with readings from his works. “Better to be remembered with laughter, than not at all,” he said.

This year’s Zoom craze has given us a special opportunity. The Congress for Jewish Culture and the California Institute for Yiddish Culture and Language, together with the participation of international Yiddish stars Mike Burstyn (Los Angeles), Mendy Cahan (Tel Aviv), Raphe Crystal (Bronx), friends from the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre (Montreal), Elisa Gray and Tomi Kalinski (Melbourne), Lea Koenig (Tel Aviv), Miwa Kogure and Wataru Ohkuma (Tokyo), Caely-Jo Levy (Cape Town), Sasha Lurje (Berlin), Eleanor Reissa (New York), Miryem-Khaye Seigel (Brooklyn), Yelena Shmulenson (New York), Zisl Slepovitch (Brooklyn), and Viver com Yiddish (Rio de Janeiro), we have an ALL YIDDISH program with an international lineup of guests from every inhabited continent (negotiations with the last Yiddish-speaking king penguin in Antarctica fell through). This Sunday 24 May 2020 at 11 AM Los Angeles/2 PM New York/8 PM Berlin/9 PM Tel Aviv. Broadcast here on Facebook Live on the event page.
צום 104טן יאָרצײַט פֿונעם ייִדיש־מײַסטער שלום־עליכם, וועלן מיר אַדורכפֿירן אַן אָנלײַן־פּראָגראַם און, ווי ער האָט געבעטן אין זײַן צוואָה, לייענען פֿון עטלעכע פֿריילעכע דערציילונגען זײַנע און אים דערמאָנען צום גוטן מיט געלעכטער. ספּעציעלע געסט פֿון אַרום דער וועלט: אויסטראַליע, בראַזיל, ישׂראל, די פֿאַראיינקטע שטאַטן, און נאָך!א

דעם זונטיק, דעם 24סטן מײַ 2020, 2 אַ זייגער ניו־יאָרקער צײַט אויף “פֿייסבוך־לײַוו”.א




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